Looking To Be Educated About Green Energy? Try These Tips!

Posted by admin on Friday 21 November 2014

Maybe you’ve watched a TV show about someone who has altered their home to use green energy, or maybe you’re just concerned about the environment and want to change your own home. Whatever your motivation, this article is a great start for anyone who wants to start using green energy today.

Reverse the direction of the blades on your fan if you’d like to cut heating costs by as much as 10 percent! Although most people use fans for cooling, it’s possible to use them to suck cold air up and make your home feel much warmer without turning up the heat.

Use solar-powered outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting elements are a great place to use solar power, since there is easy access to sunlight. There are a wide range of lighting options to fit any decor. Not only does the solar-powered feature save on your energy bill, but it also makes these lights easy to install anywhere on your property.

Make sure that your home is completely sealed from all drafts, if you want to live green and use the principals of green energy. Windows and doors are your biggest culprits for letting hot and cold air out of your home. So, seal them up and start saving money.

When you are installing a solar energy system, you want to be sure the batteries you will be using to store the solar power are situated as close to the solar cells as possible. This prevents power from getting lost in the cables. It can also reduce the chance of a cable shading a cell, and reducing its generation capability.

Support your local green energy providers by purchasing energy from them. You can check online to see if any of your local energy providers sell wind, hydro, or solar energy. By switching from the standard energy, you will send a message to your provider; you prefer cleaner energy. You will also be support the development of green energy in your area. It may not cost you more money to go with a green plan; Fort Worth electricity rates for green energy plans tend to be similar to other fixed-rate options, and may even be less than the variable rate for a given month.

Making changes to an existing home is very costly. If you want to start using green energies, you should think about moving or getting a new house built. Look for certain features such as running water or good exposure to the sun and wind when buying a new property or home.

The tips in this article are many, but they are all so easy to use that you’ll be able to implement each within your own home. Make the changes necessary and monitor the benefits you get from each, then you can select which are working and which don’t fit your needs. You’ll be energy-independent in no time!

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Combating High Prices: Oil and Gas Alternatives

Posted by admin on Tuesday 13 August 2013

The western world has become dependent on foreign sources of energy such as oil and natural gas. Instead of buying energy from other countries, it’s a good idea for a nation to create a sustainable energy program at home. The best way to prevent the addiction to foreign oil and gas is to extract natural sources of energy such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydro.

Building and maintaining solar panels is more cost effective in the long term than running a coal burning power plant that requires a constant inflow of raw coal. Similarly, creating wind farms More …

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Save Money Using the Right Light Bulbs

Posted by admin on Thursday 6 June 2013

The standard incandescent light bulb uses a technology that is more than 130 years old. It has served us well in lighting our homes over the years, but 90 percent of the electricity used by these bulbs is wasted as heat energy. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 requires that, beginning in 2013, light bulbs sold in the United States meet efficiency standards that decrease electricity usage by at least 28 percent. Many falsely believed this would be the death of the incandescent, but light bulb manufacturers More …

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How Green Roofs Can Save You Money

Posted by admin on Sunday 2 June 2013

If your home has a flat roof, you can save money on heating and cooling bills by planting a garden on it. A pitched roof can also be converted to green space, but it’s a more challenging process.

A green roof saves money by acting as insulation. The soil or planting medium and the plants themselves help hold in both cool and warm air. They also keep the sun’s rays from beating down on your roof. A green roof can be as much as 100 degrees cooler than a conventional asphalt shingle roof. More …

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Geothermal Energy and How it Works

Posted by admin on Saturday 1 June 2013

In our quest to find new, reliable sources of power for our future, we’ve engineered a number of possible solutions. It is a true testament to human ingenuity. However, the best usage of our ingenuity comes from when we’re able to utilize our surrounding environment and work together with nature. One of the most impressive forms of energy that works within this criteria is geothermal energy.
Geothermal energy works exactly as the name entails. Geo, coming from Earth or rock, and thermal, meaning heat. Because the Earth is an active More …

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The 3 Benefits of Ocean Energy

Posted by admin on Friday 31 May 2013

Humanity is on the brink of an energy problem. We are finding that our supply of cheap, accessible fuel is rapidly depleting. As such, we’re looking towards any possible way to utilize plentiful energy. But what’s incredible is that an extremely beneficial and bountiful supply of energy within the reasonable reach of 80 of the word’s population: The ocean.
The ocean is an awe inspiring domain that offers humanity a lot in terms of potential energy. Here are 3 of the main benefits that we can derive from tapping the ocean’s supply of power.

The ocean is extremely More …

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The Potential of Wind Energy Use

Posted by admin on Tuesday 28 May 2013

Wind power has greater potential in the United States than previously thought, according to two new studies released earlier this year. The latest findings suggest that the country can generate three times the amount of wind power previously maintained.

Current wind technology can generate up to as much as 37 million gigawatt-hours of power annually, according to AWS Truewind and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Twenty years ago, studies pegged the potential at just 10.7 million gigawatt-hours.

Both figures are higher than the current consumption of More …

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